Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Future Teacher Needs Community Support

When your childhood is difficult all you want to do is to grow up and live a simple, uncomplicated, ordinary life. That is exactly what Fayette County resident Tracy Russo has always wanted for herself.

Tracy was only 9 years old when her parents got divorced. That brought lots of changes to young Tracy’s life. Sadly, even more changes were in store for young Tracy; at the young age of 16, her Dad, an alcoholic, was tragically murdered. Tracy completed her high school education at Fayette County High School and looked forward to that simple life she always dreamed of.

Tracy enrolled at the University of Georgia and has been majoring in Education. Tracy hopes to be a teacher one day. She dreams of helping young people who have had tough times, like she has. Tracy has worked hard to finance her education. She has earned the Hope Scholarship and has qualified for some financial aid. She made the Dean’s list this fall while working her way through school, doing the best that she can.

Unfortunately, fate has dealt Tracy another difficult challenge. Tracy has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor. She is currently under the care of a Fayetteville neurologist. She has been suffering from seizures, headaches, and other uncomfortable symptoms. Due to the severity and location of the tumor, her neurologist has recommended that Tracy have her surgery performed by a surgeon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Like many optimistic young people who need money for school, Tracy does not have health insurance. The anticipated cost of Tracy’s surgery is $130,000.

Tracy has a strong religious faith and has overcome many difficult obstacles in her young life. By pursuing her passion for teaching and her love of children, she hopes to give back to her community one day. She wants to make a difference in the lives of children, but needs financial help to pay for this tumor surgery. Tracy’s family is asking the Fayette Community to support this wonderful young woman with prayers and donations to her medical fund.

Donations may also be made to any Bank of America, deposited to the Tracy Russo Medical Fund account number 334001258276.

Grandmother needs help

DFCS caseworker writes: We have a grandmother who has 9 of her grandchildren living with her, because their parents are deceased or are not involved. The grandmother lives in a 3 bedroom home. The grandmother needs 4 bunk beds for the children. Any help for this family will be greatly appreciated.

Sharon Herbert,Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS905
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Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477
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