Thursday, December 21, 2006

Retired Army Major General Appeals to Atlanta Travelers to Donate International Phone Cards for Troops

American Airlines Donates Two Round-Trip Ticket Drawings as Public Incentive

12-22-06 Retired U.S. Army Major General Gordon "Duke" Duquemin is appealing to holiday travelers to support the USO's efforts to collect international phone cards for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USO has expressed an urgent need for international phone cards to help deployed soldiers call home. In Atlanta, American Airlines employees are collecting the phone cards at American Airlines counters at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport through Jan. 10.

Duquemin is asking travelers passing through Hartsfield-Jackson Airport during the holidays to help by bringing international phone cards to any American Airlines counter.

"Americans are always generous, particularly when it comes to supporting our men and women in uniform," said Duquemin. "For those people who are looking for a way to support our troops, international phone cards are very much appreciated."

As an incentive to increase card donations, American Airlines is offering the public two opportunities to win round-trip coach airfare for two with every donation of an international phone card. No purchase is necessary. Phone cards also may be donated directly to the USO; however, only cards donated through American Airlines will include entry for airfare.

Donation boxes, informational flyers, and donation envelopes are located at each American Airlines counter at the Atlanta airport. To donate and to enter the drawing for free airfare, customers should place their international phone card donation in the designated envelope and provide contact information. Each donation with contact information received in the designated box no later than Jan. 10 will be entered in the drawing. There is no limit to the number of entries. Winners will be selected by Jan. 15.

The USO mission is to provide morale, welfare and recreation-type services to our men and women in uniform. The USO is not part of the U.S. Government but is supported by the President of the United States and the Department of Defense. Each President has been the Honorary Chairman of the USO since its inception. The original intent of Congress -- and enduring style of USO delivery -- is to represent the American people by extending a touch of home to the military.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Charlotte's Web tickets

Please go to this website and order your "Charlotte's Web" movie tickets. Opens 12/15. For every ticket purchased online, $1.00 goes to support 4-H.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


Toys for Tots accepts donations at area Publix stores in Fayette County. They are VERY short on toys this year and fear they will not be able to fill the needs they have so far. Some last minute needs in our county could possibly be helped through this project, if they get enough toys. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!

Sharon Herbert,
Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS
905 Highway 85 South
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477
Fax: 770-460-2464

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

DFCS family needs help

One of our caseworkers has advised me that a relative care giver needs 2 twin mattresses. They have the bed frames. Please contact me ASAP if you can help with this need. Thanks!

Sharon Herbert,
Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS
905 Highway 85 South
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477
Fax: 770-460-2464

Monday, November 27, 2006

Barnes & Noble Book Fair


Christmas shopping! Put us on your list.

Your purchases can benefit the Fayette Literacy Project!

Mon. Dec. 18 & Sun. Dec. 24th


Barnes & Noble Fayetteville Location

A percentage of sales will be donated to the Literacy Project of Leadership Fayette

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Fayette Families In Need For Christmas

The Fayette Holiday Helpers have about 100 families who are NOT sponsored yet for Christmas. PLEASE call them ASAP if you or your group can help. Call 678-817-0004 or e-mail Sonya Tedford at
Send this e-mail to your e-mail buddies!
THANKS a million!
Sharon Herbert,
Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS
905 Highway 85 South
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477
Fax: 770-460-2464

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fayette County High School Band

Dear Friends of the Fayette County HS Band:
As you may already know, the Fayette County High School marching band was invited to march in the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, CA on New Year’s Day.  The parade, which features only 15 bands from the entire country, is televised to millions of people worldwide.  Along with the honor of being selected comes a financial commitment.  The per-student cost is $1495.  While most of our students were able to pay for their trip through fundraisers and/or payments, we have found that several students opted to not participate due to financial reasons. 
The president of the Tournament of Roses Parade, Paul Holman, is concerned about the number of our marching band members who are unable to participate because of the cost.  Mr. Holman noticed that we have 125 students out of about 150 signed up to march in the parade.  He stated that this was unacceptable to the Rose Bowl Executive Committee for the following reasons.
  1. The Tournament of Roses (TOR) Parade is such an honor that they want every student to experience it, and for the band parents to pull together to find a way for everyone to go. His analogy was to a football team going to the playoffs.  If players couldn’t afford it, the team would not leave them behind.  We applied for between 145 and 165 and they want us to adhere to that number.
  2. A band of 125 will be too small and not able to play with enough volume for the full length of the parade. 
  3. The TOR usually has the opposite problem.  When bands apply to come they ask for additional spots in the parade because they have so many alumni that return to march in the parade.
                There are several contributing factors to this problem, none of which can be helped.  Among these are a smaller FCHS due to rezoning, the recent Delta bankruptcy scare, and the changing socio-economics of our school.
                While including everyone may be a lofty, unattainable goal, it is the hope of the FCHS Band Boosters that the community will rally behind us and help us to offer this once in a lifetime experience for all of our students.  To accomplish this goal, approximately $30,000 to $40,000 is needed.  We would certainly benefit from any help that individuals or businesses are able to give.  No donation is too small.  Unfortunately, we are quickly approaching a deadline.  The decision must be made by September 21 to either include more students or to cancel the trip that our students have been looking forward to. 
There is no way we can allow our TOR Parade invitation to be rescinded without disappointing the students, families, and community.  We don’t want the FCHS Band to have that reputation.  This is an opportunity for the FCHS Band and community to pull together and work toward the accomplishment of an amazing event.
Kenneth F. Beard
Director of Bands
Fayette County High School
Comments or questions can be directed to Kim Kee at:
(678) 878-0122
Donations may be mailed to:
FCHS Band Boosters
P.O. Box  444
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Monday, September 11, 2006

Fayette County Department and Family Children Services - Needs List

Fayette County DFCS Current Needs:


1.                 Foster and adoptive parents are needed. The number of children going into the foster care system continues to rise in the county. There aren’t enough foster homes in Fayette County to care for them all. This means many of the children are taken from their familiar environments and significant relationships to be cared for in other counties. Citizens who want to help can help by getting the word out to the community regarding this critical need.  You can put up flyers, share information about the foster/adoptive parent process in your meetings, or include information in your bulletins or payroll envelopes.  We have flyers and other information for you to post or distribute. We also have small yard signs you could put on your lawn. This sign provides the statewide number for folks to call to get more information. DFCS Staff are available to come to your organization and talk with you about the need. The need is critical.  Call 1-877-210-KIDS to find out more.

2.                 Donations are needed for the foster children Incidental Fund.  This fund helps to directly provide for the special needs of the foster children of Fayette County. This fund reimburses our foster parents for items purchased for the children in their care. These items include, but are not limited to: hair cuts and hair care products, birthday gifts, allowance, school field trips, school pictures and yearbooks, prom/dance expenses, registration and uniforms for sports or band, recital fees, Christmas gifts, diapers and baby formula.  Gift cards in the denomination of $25.00 to retail or clothing stores are also a good idea, as we often get children into care with no clothes or personal items. Gift cards allow them to immediately get the help they need.

3.                 Diapers and pull-ups. Our children need diapers and pull-ups, all sizes.  We also need wipes and diaper ointment.

4.                 Children need school clothing. We have a clothing program for school age children who need school clothing.  The program is “Project A.C.F.A.S.C.” or Appropriate Clothing for All School Children.” Children are referred by school or DFCS agency staff and are matched with an A.C.F.A.S.C. Partner who agrees to buy clothing for them. New clothes are needed. However, a partner may contribute gently used clothing along with their gift of new clothing. If you don’t like to shop, we accept checks and gift cards. This is the only program of its kind in the state of Georgia. There have been 287 referrals since the program began in April 2003.  WE NEED MORE PARTNERS!  

5.                 The DFCS Employment Services Program is looking for jobs for our families.  Our goal is to help families become more self sufficient, and be able to care for themselves and their children.  Please call if you feel you have job possibilities, or for details about this program, 770-460-2555.

6.                 Our next community project will be holiday assistance. We will be taking requests soon for Thanksgiving Baskets. For help during Christmas, we will be referring families to the Fayette Holiday Helpers. This is a volunteer group and will need sponsors and volunteers during the holidays. Their direct number is 678-817-0004.


If you would like to be on my e-mail list to get the LATEST NEWS about needs of our families and children, call or e-mail today!


For details or more information call Sharon Herbert, Community Resource Specialist, 770-460-2477, or e-mail at


Updated 9/8/06

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dogwood Forest

On Sept 16th, Dogwood Forest will be having our 4th Annual Garage Sale and all the proceeds benefit the Alzheimer's Walk on OCt.7th.  If you or any members of your church have any items at home(in your garage) that you do not need and would like to donate towards the sale, that would be great!  THe more items we sell, the more money we can give to the Alzheimer's Association.
Just contact  Natalie, Derrick or Tami Tucker at Dogwood  Forest in Fayetteville. The sale is from 8am to 3pm.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Note from DFCS

We still have 19 children who need sponsors for school clothing. This is through our Appropriate Clothing For All School Children (A.C.F.A.S.C. Project) program. I am attaching a packet of information about the project you can share with your contacts.

I am sending you a list of children who still need clothing for school. Please share with your groups and e-mail friends. I would like to have all of these children sponsored by the end of the week - school starts Monday, 8/11!

Children who are teens or hard to buy for have requested gift cards - from any department store.

Please contact me to see if the children are sponsored before you decide to buy for them. THANKS for helping this program to be a HUGE success!

Sharon Herbert,
Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS
905 Highway 85 South
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477

Meai – girl, Age 13 – requests a gift card
Atorian –boy, Age 15 – request a gift card

Derick – Age 3:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 5T
Shoes – size 10, socks also

Thomas – Age 16 – requests a gift card

Eric – Age 13:
Pants – size 34/30
Shirts – size Xlarge, boy’s, men’s medium
Underwear – size 32 waist, boxers
Shoes – size 9 ½, socks also

Ayanna –girl, Age 12:
Pants – size 5 junior (slim)
Shirts – size 12/14 girls
Shoes – size 5 ½ ladies, socks also

Jimmy – Age 4:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 5 regular (big boy)
Shoes – size 11, socks also

Christopher – Age 9:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 10
Shoes – size 2, socks also

Jeremy – Age 12:
Pants – size 36/34
Shirts – size large, mens
Underwear – size 36 waist
Shoes –size 13, mens, socks also

Mia – Age 6 – requests a gift card

Kendall – Age 7 – requests a gift card

Ashley – Age 15:
Pants – size ¾ junior
Shirts – size ¾ junior or medium
Shoes – size 6 ½, socks also

Ashton – Age 14:
Pants –size 16/18 boys
Shirts –size 16/18 boys
Shoes – size 9 ½, men’s, socks also

Mara – Age 16: – request a gift card

Jeremal – Age 13:
Pants – size 18 boys
Shirts –size 16 boys
Shoes –size 9, socks also

Najae, boy, Age 6:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 6
Shoes – size 2, socks also

Cartavius – boy, Age 7:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 7/8
Shoes – size 1 ½, socks also

Danesha – Age 6:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 10.12 girls
Shoes – size – 1, socks also

Alexius - girl –Age 5:
Pants, shirts, underwear – size 7/8Shoes –size 12 ½, socks also

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fayette Senior Services


Meals on Wheels -

Volunteers are needed for the Fayette Senior Services Meals on Wheels Program.

The program consist of delivering  nutritious meals to the seniors in Fayette County that have registered for this program and greeting them with a warm smile and friendly conversation. 


It takes about one to two hours per route to deliver the meals to our seniors.  The value of this program is the wonderful people you get to meet on your route.


Friendly Visitors –

This program is designed to match the volunteer with a senior citizen that share common interest.  Volunteers can assist the senior with writing a letter to a friend, reading a newspaper to your senior friend, or creating a flower arrangement, etc..

So if you have one hour a week that you would like to share with a new friend, please call us for additional information.


Fayette Senior Services Health Fair will be held on November 2, 2006 from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Flat Creek Baptist Church located in Fayetteville.

They are currently seeking vendors for this event (i.e. homecare providers, doctors,  medical equipment retailers) that provide senior services.  There is no cost for vendor sponsorship but donations are being accepted.


Corporate Sponsors–

Fayette Senior Services is teaming up with the business community and is currently seeking sponsors that would like to reach out to its senior community.  Businesses participating in this program would receive appropriate recognition and also be featured on the Fayette Senior Services website.


For more information regarding the Fayette Senior Service programs listed please contact Andy Carden at (770) 461-0813.






Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Square Foot Ministry (SFM)


Square Foot Ministry, Inc., is always in need of

funding for their projects. We have just completed

three major projects: Impact '06 involving the youth

of the Fayette County area in sprucing up and making

small repairs to the needy and other local charities.

A 1700 sq. ft. addition to the Teen Challenge Home, a

home for young men recovering from addiction, who are

trying to turn their lives around. The framing of a

home for a Mississippi Katrina victim that was built

in a local parking lot and is being shipped to

Mississippi for assembly.

All during the year SFM helps others in the community

with small home repairs which include wheelchair

ramps, heat and air conditioning, roofs, painting,

plumbing, etc.

To make a contribution, please mail to: SFM, P O Box

371, Fayetteville, GA 30214. We are always in need of

help with labor. If you are interested in joining this

organization. Please call or email Judy Reynolds,

770-461-8529 or

Fayette Youth Protection Home


Friday-Johnson Home Needs List


  • Paper products - toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, Kleenex, large garbage bags, gallon zip-lock storage bags
  • Cleaning products - glass cleaner, household cleaners, laundry detergent, dishwashing soap
  • Personal hygiene products -soap, deodorant, toothpaste,  shampoo, haircare products
  • Blankets- twin-sized, white or tan, wool or acrylic
  • Subscription to kid/teen magazines - American Girl, Ranger Rick, National Geographic for Kids, Highlights for Children, Teen Magazine
  • New undergarments - socks, underwear, bras, undershirts for children ages 5 through 17
  • Gift Cards:

Children’s clothing: (Target, Walmart, Old Navy, Kohl’s, Belk)

Home repair: (Lowe’s, Home Depot)

Children’s entertainment: (Tinseltown, Applebee’s, McDonald’s, Chick fil    A, bowling alley, skating rink, etc.)

  • Office Supplies – Ink-jet and/or copy Paper, Ink-jet cartridges (HP 96 BW, HP 97 Color)
  • School supplies – spiral notebooks, notebook dividers, glue sticks, crayons, markers, 2” binder notebooks, back-packs, notebook paper
  • Batteries (AA) (AAA)
  • Postage Stamps
  • Housewares: Stainless Steel pots and pans (Revere Ware), Kitchen knives
  • Seasonal needs:  Gas grill cover, bird feeders (hanging & on stand), Patio set for back porch, bales of pine straw




Volunteers are needed in the following areas:


  • Household handyman repair
  • Yard maintenance (mowing grass, edging, blowing walkway, trimming bushes)
  • Computer troubleshooting


Volunteers - Fayette Thrit Shop

The Fayette Thrift Shop is a nonprofit organization that raises funds for two local charities - Promise Place and the Fayette Youth Protection Home. The staff consists entirely of community volunteers. Donations of clothing, house wares, books, magazines and toys are accepted during store hours. The shop is open Monday - Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Volunteers are needed to help sort donated items and to also work during store hours. Please contact Jennifer Barnes at (770) 460-7199 for additional information.

Fayetteville First United Methodist Church

Katrina Mission Project -
Members of Fayetteville First United Methodist Church will be traveling to the gulf coast July 16 - 21, 2006 to help Katrina victims in rebuilding their homes.   We are currently seeking volunteers who would like to participate in this Out Reach Missions Program.  The cost of the trip is $650.00 which will cover transportation, lodging, meals, and supplies.
Donations are being accepted if you would like to make a contribution for the Katrina Project.  Contributions can be made payable to Fayetteville First United Methodist Church and reference Katrina - July 16th trip in the memo line of your check.
Fayette County Department of Family and Children Services - Summer Lunch Program
Churches in the Fayette County area are coming together to help provide brown bag lunches Monday - Friday for 85 children who have registered for this program.  The children during the school year are participants of the school lunch program and therefore lunches are not available during the summer break.  This is where volunteers and the Churches in the community are coming together to help feed the children during their summer break.
Currently Monday is available and we are looking for volunteers to help provide lunches for that day.  The program will run through the week of July 24th.
Please contact Laura Cox for additional information at (770) 461-4313.  Donations are being accepted for both programs and can be mailed to:
Fayetteville First United Methodist Church
170 East Lanier
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living

Dogwood Forest Assisted Living is in need of volunteers to help with the following projects that are on going:
Manicures - Volunteers are needed once a week on Thursday's at 1:30 p.m. to help file and painting the finger nails for their lady residents.
Garden Club - helping residents plant and maintain patio gardens.
Entertainment - Afternoon or weekend programs are open.  Individuals with Musical Talent, Chorus and/or Music Groups for small concerts. Dogwood Forest has a piano that is available for music programs.
Craft Clubs - Volunteers are needed one day a week to do crafts.  If volunteers have a special craft they would like to teach residents, that would be great.  Craft time is normally before the lunch hour or in the afternoon.  Crafts can be painting or making special gifts for their grandchildren, family members, or friends.
Bingo - Bingo is held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday's at 3:30 p.m. and Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. - Bingo callers are needed.
Book reading volunteers are also needed for residents in their onsite Alzheimer Home.
Please contact Natalie White or Derrick Winston with Dogwood Forest at (770) 719-9010 for additional information.

Promise Place

Volunteers are needed to help decorate the Promise Place float for the Peachtree City 4th of July Parade.  Volunteers are also needed to walk in the parade and help distribute candy along the parade route.  For additional information please contact Sonja Strickland, Promise Place Director at (770) 460-1604.
I am sending you a generic school supply list. Please refer to this list if you or anyone in your group would like to get a head start on the school supply drive. I have been taking requests for awhile and will do so through the summer. We served about 400 children last summer.
You can request to sponsor a specific child or a specific grade. Just let me know so I can keep up with sponsorships on my master list. Thanks for your support!
Sharon Herbert,
Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS
905 Highway 85 South
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477
Fax: 770-460-2464

Fayette County School Supplies – Generic List - 2006


Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten:


Crayola Crayons, 16 count

5” fiskar scissors

Crayola markers, fine tip, 8 pack

Waterless anti-bacterial soap

Index cards, 3x5, plain

Large box of tissue

Elmer’s jumbo glue sticks

No. 2 pencils

Paper towels

Jumbo pencils with erasers

3x5 index card file box with A-Z dividers

Box of Ziploc gallon size bags

Box of Ziploc snack size bags

Box of crayola markers, thick classic

Wide ruled notebook paper


First Grade:


No. 2 pencils

Crayola washable thick classic markers

Crayola washable thin classic markers

Pocket folders with brads (various colors)

Glue sticks

Elmer’s school glue, 4 oz.

Crayola crayons, 16 count

Crayola watercolors, 8 color set

Fiskar scissors, 5”

Wide ruled notebook paper

Box of tissue

Paper towels

Composition notebook, hard cover


Second Grade:


Clipboard standard letter size

Composition book, 70 count, wide rule

Crayola crayons, 24 count

Erasers, pencil cap

Folder, 2 pocket with brads (various colors)

Glue sticks, Elmer’s

3x5 index cards, 100 count, ruled

3x5 A to Z index file card guides

3x5 index file box

Crayola classic set, thick markers

Expo chisel tip dry erase, 4 pack

No. 2 pencils

Fiskar 5” scissors,

Box of tissue

Crayola, washable watercolors

Wide ruled notebook paper


Third Grade:


Notebook dividers with pockets and tabs

Subject dividers for notebooks

No.2 pencils

Crayola crayons, 24 count

Fiskar scissors, 5”

Highlighter, yellow

Elmer’s glue, 4 oz.

Glue sticks

Assorted dry erase markers

Pink pearl large eraser

Paper towels

Box of tissue

2 pocket folder with brads, assorted colors

Crayola colored pencils, 12 pack

2” binder, 3 ring

Crayola washable markers

Pencil top erasers

Ziplock baggies

Wide ruled notebook paper


Fourth Grade:


Set of assorted highlighters

Pack of Expo dry erase markers, assorted colors

Notebook dividers with tabs

Clipboard, 9x12.5”

Box of tissue

No. 2 pencils

Cap erasers

Crayola colored pencils, 12 pack

Wide ruled filler paper

Black sharpie marker

Pack of assorted markers

Fiskar scissors, 5”

Elmer’s glue stick, small

2 pocket folders with brads, assorted colors

Pencil holder for binder

3x5 lined index cards

4x6 ruled index cards, white, 100 count


Fifth Grade:


Highlighters, assorted colors

Colored pencils, 12 count

Red medium point ink pen

Wide ruled filler paper

50 count graph paper, 4 square inch

No. 2 pencils

Elmer’s glue stick

Pocket folders with brads, assorted colors



Box of tissue

Paper towels

Black fine point dry erase marker

Vinyl pencil bag for binder

Fiskar scissors, 7”

4x6, 100 count ruled index cards

¾ inch Magic Scotch tape with dispenser

2” binder, 3 rings


Sixth Grade:


Large 3 ring binder

Notebook pocket dividers

Zippered pencil case

Black and red pens (no gel pens)

Colored pencils

Assorted highlighters

No. 2 pencils

Graph paper

Hole reinforcers

Covers for all books

Box of tissue

Expo dry erase markers, low odor

Wide ruled notebook paper


Seventh Grade:


Large 3 ring binder

Pocket folders with brads, assorted colors

No. 2 pencils

Black and red pens

Yellow highlighters

Colored pencils

Notebook dividers

Ruler and protractor

Glue sticks

Hole reinforcers

3x5 cards

Graph paper

Book Covers

Box of tissue

Expo dry erase markers, low odor

Wide ruled notebook paper


Eighth Grade:


Large 3 ring binder

Notebook dividers, no pockets

Pencil pouch

Blue, black, and red pens

Hole reinforcers

Glue sticks

3x5 cards on spiral

No. 2 pencils


Colored pencils

Box of tissue

Box of band-aids

Pack of AAA batteries

Expo dry erase markers, low odor

Wide ruled notebook paper


Ninth through Twelfth Grade:


Notebook paper, college ruled

No.  2 pencils

Cap Erasers

Pencil pouch

Assorted pocket folders with brads

Erasable pens, black or blue

Small notebook

Large 3 ring binder

Notebook dividers with tabs

3x5 index cards

Assorted highlighters

Colored pencils



Greetings! A caseworker  has a family with 2 teen boys. They need beds. Either 2 twins, or bunk, frame and mattresses. Let me know if you or someone in your group has one in their basement. Thanks!
Please pass on to your e-mail buddies. Someone may have a bed in their basement:
A caseworker advised me today that she has an 8 month old baby boy who needs a baby bed - frame, mattress, and sheets. Can you or your group help with this need? She will see the family again next week. Thanks!
I have several referrals for children who need summer clothes. Most are attending summer school and/or pre-school. If this is a good time for a referral, please let me know if you or any one in your group would like to sponsor any of these children. Their details follow.
Doug, Age 5: (boy)
Shirt, pants, under shirt and t-shirt - size 8
Shoes - size 1, socks also
Underwear - size 6
Taylor, Age 7: (girl)
Shirt or t-shirt - size 8
Pants - 7
Shoes - size 1, socks also
Underwear - size 6
Erin, Age 8: (girl)
Shirts, t-shirts, pants - size 10
Shoes- size 4, socks also
Underwear - size 8
Rhonnie, Age 11 (girl)
Shirt, pants - size 14
Shoes - size 8, socks also
Underwear - size 12
Ty, Age 9:  (boy)
Shirt - size 14
Pants - size 14 husky
T-shirt - x-large
Shoes - size 8, socks also
Underwear - size 14
Just check with me to see who has already been sponsored.
These families are experiencing extreme financial hardship. Thanks for your help!
We have a famly who is struggling and needs some help. These are the specific needs:
Daughter: (special needs)
-Needs size 4T-5T, Kroger brand Ultra Comforts training pants works well
-Needs summer clothes. shorts - size 7; shirts - size 10;  shoes - size 3;  bra - training bra, small;
-Needs summer clothes; shorts- size 33-34 waist;
shirts - size large; likes white "A-shirts" for underwear shirts - size large; shoe - size 14
This family is struggling and has limited resources. Please let me know if anyone in your group wants to help with these needs. Gently used or new clothing will be appreciated. Thanks!
(If you would prefer to donate a Wal-Mart or
Kroger gift card, that would be great! Thanks!)
Sharon Herbert,
Community Resource Specialist
Fayette County DFCS
905 Highway 85 South
Fayetteville, Georgia 30215
Office: 770-460-2477
Fax: 770-460-2464