Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Help Needed for Grandchild's Funeral

We at the Fayette Front Page and Georgia Front Page have become aware of a situation through our involvement with Fayette FACTOR that we'd like to share with our readers... We hope some of you will be inclined to help this grandmother in need.

A grandmother has just lost a grandson to Muscular Dystrophy, a horrible debilitating illness. Her son died of this years ago. She took care of both boys through their illnesses and death. She continues to care for a 10 year old (healthy) granddaughter.

A school Parapro stepped in to raise money for the funeral that was a few weeks back. The fund is about $1500 short right now. Any amount you were able to contribute would be greatly appreciated. If there is any monies left in the fund Susan Rodgers, the Parapro, will apply it directly to other expenses this grandmother has.

If you would like to contribute:
Please make checks payable to:
Susan RodgersWrite "Wesley Hall" in the FOR line please!
Susan RodgersP. O. Box 422Sharpsburg, GA 30277

There is a good chance this grandmother and 10 year old granddaughter may have to move from their 3 bedroom apt to a 2 bedroom and this may require money they obviously do not have. Grandma is emotionally and physically spent as you can imagine.

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