Sunday, February 01, 2009

Donor Advised Funds Addressing Community Needs

Report finds funds provide majority of community foundation grants

Did you know that donor-advised funds comprise about one-third of the total assets of U.S community foundations yet make up 62% of annual grants? A new report from Council on Foundations, Donor Advised Funds Provide the Majority of Grant Funds Awarded by Community Foundations, reveals a number of interesting facts about these funds and their role in addressing community needs. Click here to access the report.

Donor-advised funds are the most popular giving vehicle at The Community Foundation. Donors have the flexibility to add to their funds and receive a tax benefit immediately but recommend grants to nonprofits later after learning more about the issues and organizations. In 2008, The Community Foundation awarded an estimated $90 million in grants to nonprofit organizations in the Atlanta region and beyond. This was a record-breaking amount of grants since our founding in 1951. In addition, 81% of those grants were from donor-advised funds.
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