Thursday, October 01, 2009

Target Donates $100,000 to Georgia Flood Relief

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Target today announced its commitment to provide $100,000 in cash and product donations to support flood relief efforts in northwest Georgia. Target is working closely with local relief agencies, including The Salvation Army and the American Red Cross, as well as emergency responders, to offer assistance throughout the region.

As part of this commitment, $10,000 in Target GiftCards will be given to teachers and students at Clarkdale Elementary School in Austell, Ga. The school was evacuated after prolonged rains caused the Sweetwater Creek to overflow, nearly submerging the school and devastating homes in the surrounding area.

Leaders from local Target Stores will present the GiftCards, which will be used to purchase basic necessities for teachers and students affected by the flood, to school officials at 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 1, at Austell Intermediate School, which is located at 5423 Meadows Road in Powder Springs, Ga.

In addition to its donation to Clarkdale Elementary, Target is providing the following items to assist in flood relief efforts throughout northwest Georgia:

* 3,000 food relief kits (which include items such as granola bars, tuna and other food items), and 3,000 toiletry relief kits (which include toothpaste, a toothbrush, body wash or bar soap, hand sanitizer and deodorant) were given to The Salvation Army of Atlanta. The kits were distributed by Target and The Salvation Army volunteers last weekend.
* 4,500 food relief kits will be given to assist in the American Red Cross relief efforts.
* Five pallets of water were distributed to emergency responders.
* Financial donations will also be made to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army.

“We extend our thoughts of comfort and hope to all who have been impacted by these floods, including the students of Clarkdale Elementary School,” said Laysha Ward, president, Community Relations, Target. “We appreciate the tremendous work being done by relief agencies in this area.”

Target stores throughout the region remain open for business and stocked with disaster supplies such as rain gear, batteries, water, plastic storage totes and cleaning supplies.

Target will continue to work with local relief agencies and emergency responders to assist with disaster relief needs and clean-up efforts in the region.

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