Friday, March 11, 2011

Making ripples at The Children's Village

Earlier today I went to a lunch and took a tour at The Children's Village at Christian City. It wasn't the first time I've taken a tour and it won't be the last! I always drive away from a visit with my little brain furiously working trying to figure out how I can help.

As always I am awed by the dedication and caring of those who work at Christian City. It is inspiring to hear them talk about their mission to help kids. Every time I go out there I learn a little more and put those who donate, work, and volunteer on just a bit higher pedestal.

As the saying goes, these folks don't just talk the talk, they walk it. Their impact on the world is so much more than the proverbial pebble tossed in the lake. They throw boulders bigger than most of us could handle! They make some huge ripples.

Today I found out more about those who have donated to help at Christian City. Kool Aide donated a huge chunk to build a really nice playground for the children. Over 200 volunteers then got together and helped to prep and put the playground together.

Heritage Christian Church spent hours picking up rocks and sticks to clear the main area where the playground resides and someday a nice pavillion will rest.

Bob Adams Homes donated a lot to help build the first four cottages and admin offices. That's Phase 1. There are two more phases awaiting volunteers, donations and time.

Who else? There were so many mentioned today who have given so much. Some give $30 a month to support a child, others collect underwear and socks, some donate their time, some simply pray.

I wish I had a huge check book. I wish I had more time to raise money. I wish I could do more than just toss teeny-tiny little pebbles into the pond. However, I know that we all do what we can do and that if enough of us toss our little pebbles together we can make some huge ripples of our own!

They mentioned during the tour that if they could get 1500 people to donate $30 a month then the needs of the children would be covered. They're not quite half way to that goal. I figure that I can scrape up a dollar a day to help a local child in need. Shoot, I spend more than that on bottled water and drinks each day.

I'm going to think more on ways to help. Maybe I'll get a jar and start tossing change in it for the kids. I may not get to $30 each month, but it'll be something! Wouldn't it be cool to start a change for Christian City fund raiser? Hmmm... little ideas bubble and sometimes turn into something worth pursuing.

They need toilet paper, cleaning supplies, zip-lock bags, 13-gallon trash bags, body wash, toothpaste, peanut butter, boxed macaroni and cheese, individually wrapped snacks and drinks, kid type cereals... toothpaste, toothbrushes... pretty much anything that you need as you go about your daily life! I suppose that I could swing getting an extra on some of those things when I go grocery shopping. Ha, I bet if I cleaned out my closets I could find a ton of unopened things I thought I'd try and never used... somehow I don't think they'd appreciate some of the things I might find in my closets! I'll keep thinking.

Want to know more about The Children's Village? Christian City? Call them (770-703-2636) and ask for a tour... they do more than help kids, they have many services to help all ages. They've been around since 1965 helping children, then expanding to help the elderly. I hope you'll take a minute to connect and maybe make a few ripples of your own! - jmd

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