Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Georgia Coaliton to End Homelessness and Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee Partner with Kroger and Whole Foods

The Georgia Coalition To End Homelessness and Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee are partnering with Kroger and Whole Foods grocery chains to help homeless children. This summer, Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee will be rolling out in Whole Foods Markets and Kroger Grocery Chains throughout the Southeast. All proceeds from this rich coffee will go to help homeless children.

Kroger's is proud to announce it is selling Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee in all its Southeastern stores including all its Georgia and Atlanta stores. All the proceeds from the gourmet coffee sales will go to support and provide back to school necessities for homeless children in the Atlanta area. All are hoping sales will be strong enough to help all 4500 homeless children in the Atlanta area. The project is planning on using the proceeds to provide school supplies, shoes, toiletries, clothes and necessities. All the sales from July till September will go to help the homeless children with back to school supplies.

"We really hope the coffee does well and we are able to help thousands of children" quoted Kroger's Southeast Vice President Jerry Moreton. Furthermore he noted "Kroger is all about community and supporting worthy causes while also promoting local vendors and suppliers. This is a home run for us as we are able to help the community and local homeless shelters. Kroger agreed to handle distribution so MG Coffee could go into more stores and our customers will support it"

Mission Grounds Gourmet Coffee is a non profit organization, a 501 C Corporation, dedicated to helping children. Our main focus is to help orphans and children in need the most: impoverished children in third world countries and homeless children in inner city neighborhoods in the United States.

"We are so excited about this pilot project and are hoping to expand this program to assist the thousands of homeless children statewide with this annual event. This is another wonderful example of how business and the non-profit community can partner to help those in need." said Katheryn Preston, Executive Director of the Georgia Coalition To End Homelessness.

The Georgia Coalition To End Homelessness is a statewide nonprofit network and advocacy organization that provides special programs, training and technical assistance to homeless service providers, information and advocacy for policy makers and a Toll-Free Help Line for those facing homelessness. For more information please visit
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