Sunday, August 24, 2008

People TV Premier Party Applauds Station's Past and Future

People TV, local voice of the people,heralds in its 30th year of cablecasting freedom of expression and providing Atlantans a voice through media. As the city of Atlanta's sole community access television station, People TV has had the uniqueopportunity to allow nonprofit organizations and individuals to create and produce their own shows. For the past 3 decades, People TV has served the community as a nonprofit organization that connects metro Atlanta's diverse population while building community relationships through innovation and education. On October 8, 2008, People TV will host a free premiere party at Villa Christina where the public is invited to stroll down the red carpet, enjoy the sounds of jazz, screen the new online webcast of channel 24, preview the fall season line up, and celebrate the past success of an organization dedicated to keeping community televisionalive in Atlanta.

People TV is renowned for its media production educational services and the free creative outlet it provides for the people and organizations that comprise Atlanta's urban landscape. Originally conceived as a social change agent, the origins of People TV were inspired by Civil Rights Movement leaders who used community media to affect social progress. Teaching community producers to use video technology to inform, create, unite and connect is the mission of People TV. Accessible and free facilities and equipment for Atlantans, People TV provides equal opportunity to all who are interested in utilizing its media forum.

People TV is unequaled in the opportunities it affords individuals and nonprofits to enlighten, inform and educate their community. Whether a local musician, poet, visualartist or the producer of a live human rights forum, each program exposes multiple skills and abilities to more than 100,000 households that subscribe to cable. People TV's noncommercial content is designed and produced by a committed collective of almost 200 hundred local community producers and artists who provide over 100 hours of weekly content. Striving to produce and educate within their resources of time, people, materials, technological tools and finances, People TV seeks to expand their vision within the community. Through innovation, education, collaboration and outreach initiatives of inventive quality, People TV advocates a balanced pursuit of technical advancement, artistic excellence, and community growth.

To commemorate its three decades of operation as a professional media arts organization, People TV invites guests to the spectacular People TV Premier Party at Villa Christina on October 8, 2008 from 6:00pm-9:00pm. Stroll along the red carpet and meet the producers and staff of People TV for an informative Q & A session. Along with program highlights from the past, People TV optimistically looks to reaching out worldwide through online streaming and continued success on Comcast 24. Giving Atlantans a voice through media is central to People TV's philosophy and they want to spread the word. Admission to the Premier Party is complimentary, but reservations are highly recommended.

People TV, Inc. is a non-profit organization which utilizes cable television and the Internet as ways to inform, educate, and enhance people's lives. Accessible and free, People TV aspires to be a vehicle of change and inspiration for society. Located at 190 14th Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318, People TV can be contacted by telephone at 404.873.6712. For further information about the People TV Premier Party or to view the fall line-up schedule for Comcast 24, please visit Villa Christina is located just inside the Perimeter off I-285 and Ashford Dunwoody at 4000 Summit Blvd, Atlanta GA 30319. Visit the website at or call 404.303.0133.
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