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At what age do Georgia's adolescents become adults?

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At age 12
* Georgia's adolescents may hold certain jobs with some restrictions.

At age 13
* Georgia's adolescents may be considered or found guilty of a crime.
* They may be prosecuted as adults in Superior Court for certain crimes.

At age 14
* Georgia's adolescents may select the custodial parent in custody
* Adolescents in Dept. of Family and Child Services custody must be
notified of any placement change and may request a hearing regarding
their case or permanency plans.

At age 15
* Georgia's adolescents may obtain an instructional driver's permit.

At age 16
* Georgia's adolescents may give consent for sexual activity.
* They may obtain an intermediate driver's license.
* They may marry with parental consent.
* They may drop out of school without parental consent.

At age 17
* Georgia's adolescents may join the U.S. Armed Forces and Georgia Army
National Guard with parental consent.
* They may donate blood without parental consent.

At age 18
* Georgia's adolescents may marry without parental consent.
* They may join the Armed Forces and National Guard without parental
* They may purchase and possess handguns.
* They may purchase, possess, and consume tobacco products.
* They may vote in elections.
* They may use tanning facilities without parental consent.
* They may give consent to or refuse medical treatments and procedures,
including abortion, without parental knowledge or consent.
* They may hold certain civil county or municipal elected positions and
serve on the Board of Directors of a business corporation or nonprofit
* They may enter into enforceable contracts.
* They may sue or be sued in their own names.
* They may establish their own domicile and may enter into leases.
* They may create a will.
* Georgia's adolescent males must register with Selective Service.

At age 21
* Georgia's adolescents my hold certain civil state elected positions.
* They may purchase, possess, and consume alcoholic beverages.

Source: Georgia Code, current through the 2006 Regular Session

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