Monday, January 28, 2008

YMCA re: Bethel Park / Lake Lanier in Forsyth County

Our Metro YMCA Association has a huge opportunity to serve thousands of children and familes with an over night camp at Bethel Park/Lake Lanier in Forsyth. Currently our over night camp has a waiting list and many children are missing amazing experiences. The property to be developed is the Corps of Engineers.

The Corps of Engineers has opened a public comment period. After the period, it will decide to lease the property to the Y for the camp development or to Forsyth County for development of a 75 spot RV park. Additional information on the precise plan can be explored at .

The YMCA has a long history of delivering quality, mission driven inclusive programs. Remember your own Y experience and build upon that for thousands of children whom the Y impacts on an annual basis.

We need your help:
It only takes a few moments to make comments. Comments in support of the YMCA proposal can be submitted at the end of this E-Blast or you may go to the Corps website at:

Letters supporting the Metro Atlanta YMCA's proposal are welcome and needed. They may be forwarded to me by Feb.11. Fayette Family YMCA, 215 Huiet Road, Fayetteville, GA, 30215.

Your local YMCA Board, volunteers, members, and staff thank you for your assistance. We appreciate all each of you do throughout our community.


Friend of Bethel Park said...

The Metro Atlanta YMCA is attempting to close a public park that many families and children use today.

The YMCA claims this is for the children but what they don't tell you about the 23,000 plus visitors who use Bethel Park last year and would get displaced.

What is it all truly about? Money. The YMCA has a chance to obtain lake side property valued in the millions and in turn only have to pay $1 a year. Then turn around and charge Y campers to use it.

The public loses out! The families who use and visit Bethel Park lose out! The children lose out!

Friends of Bethel Park made the discovery that Bethel Park was going to be closed by the YMCA and it has been our desire and our fight to keep Bethel Park open to all citizens, families, and children unlike the YMCA who would allow privileged few who pay for it.

Visit the website to learn how to save Bethel Park and to join our fight in saving Bethel Park.

And please comment to the Corps of Engineers at and tell them your wish to lease Bethel Park to Forsyth County. Doing so will guarantee that this public park paid for and owned by all taxpayers will always be open and available to all families and children to enjoy.

The YMCA wants the park for "their" paying members. Friends of Bethel Park want Bethel Park to be available for all.

Anonymous said...

I agree, this is a huge loss for the community! Close a public park to have a summer camp? It makes no sense! Our tax dollars paid for the park and now the YMCA wants to get a sweetheart deal and to evict the taxpayers?!?!

Give me a break, if the YMCA wants lakefront property they can do what everyone else does, buy it at fair market value.

Anonymous said...

I think you people are missing the point. I was a camper and worked at the camp's other site and it is amazing. Children have the experience of a lifetime!

I've been to Bethel Park and it was empty. I was there for a few hours during a nice spring day and not a soul was there. I don't believe that 23,000 visited the park in one year. That is 63 people a day and 441 people every week. At Camp High Harbour we've had over 300 kids a week have an incredible and meaningful experience. They learn great values and will gain memories they will have for a lifetime.

Camp High Harbour also has a great scholarship program. Hundreds of kids are given chances to come to the camp for free. The camp is non-profit and every dime they make goes back into the camp.

You say the children will lose out?? You are way off. Children are the ones that will gain from this the most. Camp High Harbour is all about children and it would be a crime to not let them use this land.

Anonymous said...

Those children who "experienced" the camp paid at least $650 a week to do so. I am not against the Y camp experience. My own children have gone to camp including High Harbour. However, this park should be for everyone and the county has solid plans to redevelop and use the park to its full potential for the most people...not just kids.