Wednesday, January 16, 2008


When students excel, they win. When an entire school system excels, everyone wins – parents, teachers, communities….and kids. In what amounts to a heartwarming equivalent of getting an “A,” the KidsPeace Bowdon school system, which helps children who have been through emotional crises was recognized by the Georgia Council for Administrators of Special Education as a statewide leader in excellence.

Following the Council’s annual fall conference, a letter of notification was sent out declaring that the "KidsPeace School System was recognized as a leader in the state of Georgia for outstanding efforts to improve the performance of students with disabilities."

KidsPeace, a 125-year-old national children’s charity that helps youngsters overcome crises, has a long history of academic success at its schools Though kids in crisis such as abuse and neglect often fall behind in school, a 17-year study done in Pennsylvania shows that children who had been progressing only half a year for each academic year more than doubled their progress in KidsPeace schools, gaining 1.25 years for each year in the system.

“This is a huge accomplishment especially when you consider the number of schools throughout the state that were hoping to get this honor,” said Scott Merritt, executive director of KidsPeace Bowdon. “One of the most significant indicators of resident's success after discharge is determined by their accomplishments in education. This recognition proves that our residents are making the progress they need to be successful once they return to the community.”

“This is a wonderful honor,” said KidsPeace Acting President Dr. Lorrie Henderson. “Congratulations to Scott Merritt, Education Manager Patricia Swint, and our entire education team. This recognition demonstrates what we have long known – that our education department is making a difference in the lives of our kids and doing outstanding work.”

KidsPeace is a 125-year-old national children’s crisis charity dedicated to giving hope, help, and healing to children facing crisis. With four centers in Georgia, including a major residential campus in Bowdon, KidsPeace directly helps thousands of children a day with life-saving treatment to overcome the crises of growing up. Supported by VIP leaders, including its national spokesperson Leeza Gibbons and child safety and self-esteem icon RETRO BILL, KidsPeace helps millions more each year through prevention and awareness campaigns designed to help America’s kids and parents avoid and overcome the kinds of crises that can strike any child – from disasters and personal traumas to family issues and life crises. KidsPeace was named “The Outstanding Organization” of its kind in the country by the American Association of Psychiatric Services for Children and was called “a prototype of what we need for all children everywhere” by the late, nationally renowned child and family expert, Dr. Lee Salk

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