Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Adults Can't Always Tell When Children Cover Up Abuse

When young children make up stories about events that didn't really happen, most adults can tell that a child is being dishonest. But according to a new study, adults aren't as good at discerning when a child is lying to cover up an event that really did happen -- which can be a serious problem when sexual abuse is involved. According to Gail S. Goodman, a psychology professor at the University of California, Davis, and the study's author, "While accurately detecting false reports protects innocent people from false allegations, the failure to detect false denials could mean that adults fail to protect children who falsely deny actual victimization."
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To cover the above topic FACTOR (Fayette County, GA) will be offeringa workshop within FY2009 is for parents and professionals to learn how to protect the children before they might be exposed to a predator, recognize when they have and how to respond appropriately if they have.

Here is info on that from their website: . Please keep that on your radar screen! This is excellent and needed training for the times, unfortunately.

Fayette FACTOR

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