Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Americans Called to Duty on Behalf of 6,000 Soldiers Overseas

Subscriptions for Soldiers is calling on the American public to take action and support deployed U.S. service members - about 350,000 of them to date - by helping to fill more than 6,000 requests for magazine subscriptions from men and women serving overseas through

In an effort to boost morale of American troops and provide relief from stress they endure every day by providing a monthly reminder of home, Subscriptions for Soldiers was launched by in April 2008 to provide free magazines to soldiers serving overseas. In the first three weeks, the program received more than 8,000 requests for magazine subscriptions from deployed service members. Currently, more than 6,000 subscriptions need to be filled, and the organization is reaching out to the American public to meet these soldiers' wishes.

"With a $10 donation, you can let a service member know they are remembered and give them something to look forward to each month," says Jay Clarke, president and CEO of "At the heart of Subscriptions for Soldiers is a campaign to connect service members, those they serve and the life we all cherish."

With the war in the Middle East entering its seventh year, it is important to offer support to service members overseas. Depression and anxiety are common problems among soldiers serving long and multiple deployments. For active duty service members, receiving a monthly magazine can boost morale in stressful times.

"Magazines provide a source of entertainment that can be re-read and shared with others," says Kitty Pedigo, business development manager of "They give service members a small break from their everyday stress and help them stay focused on the task at hand."
Many Americans may want to give back to those serving overseas, but the time and money required to put care packages together and ship them from the post office can be challenging. "Having access to an affordable and easy resource that provides soldiers with a magazine each month makes it easier for those who want to let a service member know they are appreciated," says Clarke.

To sponsor a subscription, individuals can visit and submit a donation of $10 or more, which will be used to fill the magazine request of a soldier overseas. For more information, visit

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