Friday, March 21, 2008

Georgia Coalition to End Homelessnes: Metro Atlanta Tornado Recovery

Volunteers are needed to assist Metro Atlanta communities affected by this past weekend's severe storms and tornadoes with cleanup efforts. Homes, schools and other structures in these communities were severely damaged and are in need of repair. Additionally, debris is needed to be cleaned from streets, yards and other public spaces.

Volunteers will work in teams to break down and bag debris. Volunteers skilled in basic carpentry are needed to board broken windows and to lay and secure tarps on roofs.

There are hazards, known and unknown, associated with this effort that include, but are not limited to falling objects, broken glass and other sharp debris, and broken, electrified power lines. Due to the potential hazards involved with this effort, all interested volunteers must understand and abide by the instructions that follow.

1. As a volunteer, you agree to serve at your own risk and to release Hands On Atlanta and our partnering agencies and communities from liability for personal injury and property damage or loss
2. In order to volunteer, all volunteers will need to report to the Hands On Atlanta Volunteer Disaster Reception Center located at 600 Means St., Atlanta, GA 30318 to receive a volunteer assignment, as well as safety training. (See below for directions)NOTE: Walk-up volunteers may not be accepted at project sites
3. Only adult (18 years and older) volunteers may participate in the cleanup efforts
4. Volunteers must present valid photo identification
5. All volunteers must wear:
· long pants and sleeves
· closed toe, thick-soled shoes, preferably work boots
· a name tag identifying you as a Hands On Atlanta volunteer
6. Volunteers must be willing to carpool with other volunteers to sites with limited parking

If you have them, please bring work gloves, safety goggles and one of the following tools:
hand saw,
hedge shears,
or cordless drill
Additionally, if you are willing to donate items, please bring one or more of the following:
Plastic tarps to cover damaged roofs
1/2" thick plywood sheets (4'x8')
Box of 2 1/2" long wood screws
Pack of paper yard-refuse bags
Box of contractor bags
Flashlights and battery-powered lanterns (w/batteries)
Roofing nails w/ plastic guards

The Hands On Atlanta Volunteer Disaster Reception Center will be open Wednesday, March 19th - Saturday, March 22nd from 8:00am - 3:00pm. Volunteers are welcome to come at any time during those hours.

If you have any questions, please email or call 404-979-2800 or 404-979-2882 between the hours of 8am - 5pm.

Directions to the Hands On Atlanta Volunteer Disaster Reception Center

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